Star Struck

This pass Sunday I had the extreme pleasure to see a ballet. I know some of you are thinking does this woman live under a rock! The answer is no perhaps ballet deprived might be appropriate. The production of Christmas Magic was  live on stage at Wayside Middle School. The performers are not well known, yet in due time some of them might be household names.

The ages varied from 3 years to 16 years each of them having their own unique style. The audience was comprised of parents,grandparents and friends.It soon became quite evident it would be standing room only as most chairs had already been coveted. Than the music started and our ballerinas floated gracefully across the stage with nary a mis-step.

It was obvious to all present that there was great potential.Unfortunately for those of you who were unable to attend this was a one afternoon performance.If they should return I will surely let you know and unlike other artistic performances there is an admission fee. This ballet was free and fun. Signing off for now.

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