Birds and Budget

If you enjoy feeding the birds,but like most of us don’t  have as much or any disposable cash.Here are some tips to help until your ship comes in.

1)Don’t throw your near empty peanut butter jars away.Instead roll pinecones in them and hang up for the birds.

2)Save leftover crumbs from your sandwich and bagel bags,and leave out for the birds.

3)Store leftover bacon or ground beef in your freezer.Then simply put the frozen block of fat inside your suet cage and hang outside.

4) Plant sunflower seeds in your garden in spring and see how easily they come up.

5)Instead of  regular birdseed,offer cracked corn.It’s inexepensive and available in large bags at feed stores.

6) Inquire at your local supermarket if they have overripe fruit they are about to discard.It is a great treat for the birds and it is free.

7)Try offering chicken scratch.Cardinals,doves and quail all love it.Available at feed stores and it’s cheap.

8)Put out leftover cereal,but stay away from the sugar-coated kind.

9) Plant native shrubs and perennials that produce seeds and berries.

10) Buy in bulk with other bird feeding friends.You can start a neighbnorhood co-op.

11) Offer stale tortillas and just tear them in small pieces and toss outside.

Source:Birds & Blooms Magazine February-March Issue 2012



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