Road Trip and Tub

I spent my Valentine’s Day behind the wheel of 16foot Penske truck with a height of 10feet and 6inches.My trusted and very protective companion was Oceana my beagle terrier and our destination was Lowe’s Home Improvement store in Witchita,Kansas.The reason ,to pickup a Jaccuzi whirpool tub which had been discontinued by our local Lowe’s here in Fort Worth,Tx.It was put on sale at half-price and my husband found one store with 2 left in stock for the same price.
Suffice to say that anyone who has moved can relate to lack of amenities and comfort in a truck but we sojourned on and reached our destination in 5 hours and our coveted bathtub was waiting.Oceana and I than made the trip back home only to encounter some inclement weather in Oklahoma but we were not to be stopped. Custom has dictated that when I travel with Oceana that we stop at Dairy Queen for a small vanilla ice cream cone which is her reward and mine as well.The total time invested was 10 hours on the road and a jubliant husband at seeing his prized bathtub.When I arrived home and awaiting me were my Valentine’s Day present which were beautiful and exquisite.
It is a Valentine’s Day I hope to never forget!


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