St.Patrick the patron saint of Ireland and also true he was not Irish.He did become an integral part of Irish heritage,mostly through his service across Ireland of the 5th century.There is discrpancy in exactly what year he was born some say 390 A.D.,while others it was about 373 A.D.They are also not sure of his birthplace perhaps Scotland or Roman England.His real name was probably Maewyn Succat,though Patricius was his Romanticized name.History has remebered him as Patrick.
Growing up in south Wales his father a Roman-British army officer. Life was as natural as other kids in Britain.Enter the pirates who landed in south Wales and kidnapped Patrick along with many others.Then sold thm into slavery in Ireland.Patrick was in imprisoned in Ireland for six years and this is when things changed for Patrick.He dreamed of having seen God and legend says,he was directed by God to escape with a getaway ship.
The story of St.Patrick continues tomorrow.


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