Scarey Place

American hospitals accomplish great medical feats, and also plagued by daily errors that cost lives.Each year as many as 100,000 Americans die in hospitals from preventable medical mistakes.U.S.surgeons operate on the wrong person or body part as often as 40 times a week.
A report released in January on Medicare patients found that hospital staff did not report a staggering 86 percent of harms done to patients.A earlier study by HHS of Medicare patients found that one in seven suffered serious or long-term injuries,or died,as a result of hospital care. The number of patients who die each year from hospital errors is equal to 4 jumbo jets crashing each week.
Here are some helpful tips to protect yourself from hospital errors:
1) Bring an advocate, a friend or family member-especially for check-in and discharge.
2) Bring a notebook and write down all your medications,why you take them and who prescribed them.Include phone numbers of key personnel and medical contacts( and don’t forget your cellphone and charger)in the hospital when questions arise write them down.
3) Bring a big bottle of hand sanitzer.Put it by your bed and remind you and the staff to keep hands clean.
For additional information on this Agency for Healthcare Research and Union,

Best advice:Prevention!Eat healthy,excerise and moderation in all things.


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