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Studies have recently shown that 3 to 5 half-cup servings of lightly cooked broccoli a week will help fight cancer.Broccoli is a cancer-prevention powerhouse,thanks to a batch of hard to pronounce compounds that were never taught in chemistry class.Some of these compounds make cancer cells self-destruct and others protect your gut against certain cell damage that can lead to cancer.

But if you overcook broccoli,you damper its anti-cancer action.You can bring back its full health benefits simply by adding a jolt of mustard,horseradish or wasabi to your cooked broccoli. Elizabeth Jeffery,professor of nutrition at the University of Illinois and her research team recently discovered that teaming cooked broccoli with hot condiments,or with watercress,raw broccoli sprouts,arugula or radishes,can double broccoli’s ability to prevent cancer. To really preserve broccoli’s benefits,steam it for 2 to 4 minutes.


Information provided by:Prevention Magazine



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