You can lose weight and fatten your wallet at the same time.New websites let you bet that you will meet your goals-and earn money when you succeed.One such website is HealthyWage.com which pays you 10 percent of your body weight and let’s teams compete for up to $10,000.DietBet.com lets you bet against your pals:Those who reach their target weights by the last weigh-in win money.StickK.com adds a twist:Dieters who don’t meet  their goals forfeit bets to friends,charities,or”anti-charities”-organizations whose views they oppose.Interesting fact (Eighty percent of those who chose an anticharity met their weight-loss goals.)

According to analysis of research by Cornell University,in general people lose more weight when there is money on the line.So perhaps money is not so “evil”if it can help save a life.


Source :AARP Magazine


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