Wedded Bliss!

Let me tell you about a love and marriage which has lasted 65 years.They were married in Crown Point,Indiana  by a Justice of the Peace  and both were only 16 years old.They are my husband’s parents and together they raised six children.One child died at the age of 18 to leukemia,her name was Cindy.She was loved by all especially my husband Dan.Together Dan and Marge overcame many obstacles,but their love for one another remained strong.I am writing this from their home where we have come to visit and celebrate this milestone.We celebrated not with an elaborate party although they are most deserving of one,but rather with dinner at their favorite pizza establishment.You see many of their children and grandchildren are residing in various states and could not be with them.This fact did not stop the four of us from enjoying  ourselves and consuming one large pizza.

One might wonder how a love last so long and quite frankly I don’t have a clue as to the answer.Although I have drawn some conclusions and one is my father-in-law still calls his wife “red”referring to her once beautiful hair color.He still leaves her love sonnets and she in turns sees to his health concerns.We must say goodbye to them on Sunday after attending church together as a family.My wish for all of you out there is that you have or will find this kind of love.As for myself I have found this enduring love in my husband.


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