A new field of research called interpersonal neurobiology,scientists are beginning to understand how feelings of love ( or the lack of them) can affect specific areas of the brain.

  • Touch Heals: A study at the University of Virginia,scientists threatened married women with an electric shock.When the women held their husbands’ hands during the experiment,their anterior cingulate cortexes and other pain-and anxiety-related centers in the brain showed significantly less activation when they held hands with others or with no one at all.
  • Familiarity Breeds Content: Research from Stony Brook University showed that when men and women in happy relationships looked at photographs of their partners,their brain’s pleasure center,including the accumbens,lit up.
  • Love Hurts: According to Columbia University scientists,the same areas of the brain associated with physical pain,such as dorsal posterior insula,are active when someone experiences rejection.

Source:Reader’s Digest


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