Airline Talk!

  1. Blue juice: The water in the lavatory toilet.”There’s no blue juice in the lav.”
  2. Crotch watch: The required check to make sure all passengers have their seat belts fastened.Also”groin scan.”
  3. Crumb crunchers: Kids, “We’ve got alot of crumb crunchers on this flight.”
  4. Deadheading: When an airline employee flies as a passenger for company business.
  5. Gate lice: The people who gather around the gate right before boarding so they can be first on the plane.” Oh,the gate lice are thick today.”
  6. George: Autopilot.”I’ll let George take over.”
  7. Landing lips: Female passengers put on their ” landing lips” when they use their lipstick just before landing.
  8. Pax: Passengers
  9. Spinners: Passengers who get on late and don’t have a seat assignment,so they spin around looking for a seat.
  10. Two-for-once special: The plane touches down on landing,bounces up,then touches down again.
  11. Working the village: Working in coach.

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