The Versatile Peach!

Peaches offer a sweet way to beat the heat.They are 87% water and contain potassium,an electrolyte that helps keep you hydrated.Here are just a few recipes with peach as the main ingredient.

1) Chilled Peach Shooters: Combine 1/4 cup honey,3 Tbsp fresh lemon juice,12 ice cubes,and 3 medium peeled,pitted,and sliced peaches in blender.Puree until smooth. Pour into 8 shot glasses and garnish each with a peach slice.

2) Porch Chops With Peach-Mango Salsa: Toss together 2 medium pitted and diced peaches;1/2 peeled,pitted and diced mango’ 1 peeled and diced kiwifruit; and 2 tsp each sugar,fresh lime juice,and chopped mint leaves.Serve on top of 4 grilled pork chops.

3) Peach-Jalapeno Soup: Stir together 2 cups peach juice(nectar); 4 medium halved,pitted,and sliced peaches; 1 large seeded and chopped fresh jalapeno; 3 Tbsp fresh lime juice; and 1 Tbsp each chopped fresh chives,minced shallot,and cilantro leaves.

Recipes by Marissa Wolkenberg  And Lori Powell

Published in Prevention Magazine




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