Thinking Retirement?

The following cities offer all the ammenities for a rich retirement at a fraction of the cost..

1) Pittsburgh,Pa.  with the city’s 88 distinct neighborhoods this city has a European atmosphere along with a growing diverse ecoonomy. The median home price is $ 106,500 and impress friends and family with the view of thhe skyline as you emerge from Fort Pitt Tunnel.

2) San Antonio,Tx. with Old West flair and housing is cheaper here than other Texas hot spots.Median home price $135,000  and an endless selection of restaurants and patio dining on the River Walk.. 

3) Omaha,Ne. Midwestern cozy with a high-tech spark.Millionairs with a conscience,thanks to civic -minded companies,private donations fund parks,arts,and sports.Median home price:$123,500. The area’s many start-up companies,which have earned it the nickname “Silicon Prairie.”

4) Grand Junction,Co. with more than two-thirds of the county land is public,making recreation a bargain.Median home price $159,800.

5) Gainseville,Fl  is home to the country’s 13th largest college,The University of Florida which fuels an conomy that brings jobs and stability to the town.Meedian home price $125,000.



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