Top 10?

David Letterman and the top 10 things fans don’t know about him

10) Predicted hail “the size of canned hams” as Indiana weatherman.

9) Still has the pickup he drove to Hollywood as a young comedy writer

8) Lost out to Robert Hayes for Ted Striker role in 1980’s Airplane.

7) Told Tom Snyder before Late Night’s 1982 debut that he didn’t like working in television.

6) Read monologue jokes sent by Johnny Carson during Carson’s retirement.

5) Asked Paris Hilton,”How’d you like being n jail?” In 2007,despite her repeated requets to avoid the subject.

4) Threatened with assassination on al-Qaeda message boards in 2011; thanked audience for serving as human shield ( He’s fearless,” says Cavett.)

3) Religiously avoids public places,” If Johnny Carson was a hermit,David’s a recluse,” says Dreesen


2) Sent thank-you note when Muncie,Indiana -where he attended Ball State University-named aan alley after him ( he’d wanted Interstate 465 renamed the David Letterman Expressway).

1) Won’t make any comebacks once he leaves TV,Dreesen pedicts,”Dave will pack it up,and you’ll never see him again.

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