Not to be Ignored?

7 ailments which require prompt medical attention are:

1) The Worst Headache of Your Life! According to experts at Mayo Clinic ,if you experience a “sudden severve headache like a clap of thunder”,especially if it gets worse despite resting and taking over-the-counter pain medicine,it might mean an aneursym – a weakness in the wall of a blood vessel-has ruptured ,causing bleeding into the brain.That’s as bad as it sounds and requires immediate medical attention.

2) Migraines! Recent studies have produced troubling findings for women who regularly experience migraines with auras-perceptual distortions,usually visual,such as flashing or zigzag lights or blurred vision.Lenore Launer,PhD,chief of neuroepidemiolgy at the U.S. National Institute on Aging, her studies found that woman who get migraines with auras show small brain lesions-tiny areas in the cerebellum where tissue has died-at a rate nearly double that of women who don’t have migraines.Anyone with severe or frequent headaches should see a doctor who provide sup-to-date treatments.

3) Depression although many people view depression as minor,experts know it as a crippling disorder that should be treated without delay.

4) Ankle Sprains! When you sprain your ankle ,you stretch one or three main ligaments that hold the joint together.If not treated properly,the fibers in these ligaments can heal in an inappropriately shortened or lengthened position ,leaving you prone to further injury.

5) Crushing Chest Pressure! If it feels like someone is sitting on your chest and that feeling  radiates into your arms,back,and jaw.If moving around or pushing down on your chest makes it worse,it’s probably a heart attack:if it’s the same when you move you need to be evaluated immediately according to Dr.Fischman.

6) Abdominal Pain! Sharp stomach pains that worsen when you move or wake you from a sound sleep could signal a dangerous problem–appendicitis or even gallbladder or colon crisis,says Lawrence R. Schiller,MD,of Baylor University Medical Center.If the pains are accompanied by fever,swelling,or tenderness:vomiting,diarrhea,or constipation contact your doctor immedaiately or go to the emergency room.

7) Sudden Changes in Vision! According to Julia Haller,MD,ophthalmologist in -chief at Wills Eye Institute in Philadelphia,people may put off treatment for vision problems.If you see flashing lights or floaters(which can look like dark spots,strands,threads,or webs),or if it seems like a curtain or shade is sliding over your vision, immediately call an ophthalmolo or go to ER. These may be signs of a retinal tear or detached retina.

Source of information:Reader’s Digest


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