Avoid Travel Trauma

Here are a few travel goods that are good for you.

  1. Hummingbird’s Lumbar Support Cushion. The dog-biscuit shape molds to your body and inflates on it’s own. $30,hummingbird gear.com
  2.  Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic Carry-on it expands from 9.3 inches to 11.8 inches in depth,making a backup tote unnecessary.( $449 at briggsriley.com)
  3.  Kiva Designs Aircraft Toiletry Kit. This has a TSA compliant compartment that separates your 3 ounce liquids from dry items.( $30 kivabags.com)
  4.  Humangear GoCup leak proof and collapsible ,it features pill holders under the lid.( 4-and 8 ounce sizes $10 to $13 at Humangear.com)
  5.  Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter this features water-resistant cubes and sacks that help organize your suitcase. Perfect for avoiding back pain and extra baggage fees.( $12 to $32







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