Natures Unanswered Questions?

Do moles damage lawns and gardens? Moles have a bad reputation for eating garden plants and damaging lawns with their tunnels, but both beliefs are myths. Moles are insectivores and feed exclusively on worms,beetle grubs and other invertebrates. Their tunnels actually aerate the soil and allow water  to reach the roots of plants. Do groundhogs wake up in the winter, and can they predict the weather?  It is true that groundhogs spend the winter months sleeping in underground burrows, they can’t predict the weather. Males emerge to visit the burrows of females,looking for possible mates  when spring finally  does arrive. If I see a nocturnal animal during the day,is it sick? A nocturnal animal isn’t necessarily rabid just because it’s out during the day. While this behavior can be a sign that the animal is ill, it also could mean it has become habituated to living  close to people and is therefore less shy than those living in the wild. Erratic movements,aggression, and foaming at the mouth are better indicators of  sickness.


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