Your Principal Won’t Tell You

  1. If you want to talk to me about a problem,schedule a morning appointment,when I’m fresh. By the afternoon, I can be pretty frazzled.
  2. You’re right that teacher does stink,and I’m actually in the process of firing her.Legally ,I can’t tell you that, so that’s why I’m sitting here quietly while you complain.
  3. Of course,I’m going to disapprove of a child missing class for vacation. What I won’t tell you is that I encourage my own daughter to pull her kids out of school to visit me during my break.
  4. We had a young man struggling to focus during year-end tests.” My underwear is on backward”,he said. That’s the problem with all this testing: We’re being judged by assessments taken by kids who may have their underwear on backward.
  5. You think that what happens at home stays at home? We hear about your financial problems,your nasty fights,your drinking problem.We end up knowing way too much about everybody.
  6. The child you see at home is almost never the one we see at school.
  7. My biggest pet peeve? Parents who complain to me before talking to the teacher.
  8. Kids are easy.It”s the parents who are tough. They’re constantly trying to solve their kids problems for them.
  9. The average annual salary for a school principle is $86,970.
  10. What I do like about this job? I can influence and inspire kids and adults, help work through problems,and find solutions.And every day I can pop into a classroom where something interesting is going  on.What other job gives you all that?

Writer:Michelle Crouch & published in Reader’s Digest


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