You can still eat deliciously and stay on budget with a little trick: Buy the best when it truly makes a difference,and fill the rest of your cart with values.

Splurge on these:

  • Honey; You don’t need to go for a wildflower artsinal blend,but carefully check the label.Often the cheap “honey” is mixed with corn syrup.
  • Coffee; Consumers Report’s two best supermarket coffees ( Gloria Jean’s and Newman’s Own) cost about $13.50 a pound but scored significantly better on taste than $8 a pound brands.
  • Pasta; Generic and bargain-basement pastas often end up as a mushy mess.You don’t have to spend much more to get chefs’ picks like Barilla or De Cecco,which are used in top restaurants.
  • Extra-virgin oil; Fifty percent of the olive oil sold in the United States may be adulterated with cheap filler oils. Ideally,taste before you buy,and check for regional seal of certification on the bottle.
  • Chocolate; One-dollar bars combine   20-plus ingredients to create a bar-shaped amalgram of brown chemicals. For $2 more,you could get real dark cholocate.



Source:Reader’s Digest


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