Splurge Continued

Yesterday I posted about the items we can splurge on ; here are the items to stay within your budget.

  • Frozen Produce; It’s cheaper than out-of-season fresh produce and is also often higher in nutrients and better testing because it’s frozen right after picking.
  • Hamburgers; Preformed frozen burgers cost more than plain ground beef and you can make patties yourself in less than ten seconds each! Plus, E.coli might be more prevalent in the frozen patties.
  • Light Juices and light coconut milk; To make reduced-calorie versions of these products,companies simply add water ( and maybe artificial sweetner or thickner).Buy the regular version and water it down yourself.
  • Cheese; if you’re melting or mixing the cheese with other ingredients,go cheap! Save the $20 per-pound artisanal triple-cremes for a special cheese plate.
  • Wine; Consumers and wine experts liked inexpensive bottles—think Barefoot,Trader Joe’s Charles Shaw,Black Box–just as much as their pricey counterparts in a large-scale blind testing.

Souce :Reader’s Digest







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