Insomnia Keeping You Awake?

Here are some reasons and solutions for your sleeping dilemma:

Cause: Fear of the Dark       

Explanation: Poor sleepers may have a fear of the dark without realizing it.They may tense up and blink when startled by noises,even while awake,more than sound sleepers do,according to a new study.

Try This: A too-quiet room can make an already-jumpy sleeper more sensititve to stimuli,so turn on a white-noise generator,suggests Michael Brues,PhD,author of the Sleep Doctor’s diet Plan.(Rodale)

Cause: Iron Deficiency

Explanation: If your legs tend to tingle or twitch at night,keeping you awake,it may be that a lack of iron causes your brain cells to send mixed-up signals telling your legs to move.

Try This: Ask your doctor for a blood test to check your iron levels; if you have a defieciency,add more iron-rich foods such as beef,oysters,and leafy greens to your diet.

Published in Prevention magazine


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