Natural is Better

73 % of us are often frustrated by ” the little things” according to a meQuillibrium survey. Some tips from me Quillibrium’s chief science officer,Andrew Shatte’,PhD.

This Happens: Your boss made so many notes on a presentation,you’re sure you will be fired.

You Feel: Anxious. You wake up at 3am convinced you’ll soon be living in a Dumpster.

Try This: Write your fears in a notebook. Reexamine them  in the light of day so you have a clearer idea of what actions to take.

Scenario No.2

This Happens: A friend asks you to dog-sit,but you say you’re too busy,so you say no.

You Feel: Guilty. You spend hours wondering if you should have just said yes.

Try This: Take Guilt to Task. Ask yourself what you really owe this person.Would you expect her to drop everything for you?

Published in Prevention magazine


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