Please Don’t Feed?

Our cats and dogs are a part of our family,but that doesn’t mean they can eat the same foods that we do. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has provided a list of the foods not to feed your pet.

  • Alcohol Beer, wine and spirits act as a depressant on animals’ nervous systems,potentially leading to breathing problems and even coma.
  • Animal Bones Beef or chicken bones can damage your pet’s teeth or splinter and cause damage in her digestive tract.Stick with treat bones made specifically for dogs or cats.
  • Chocolate or anything with caffeine Foods like coffee and cocoa contain methylxanthines,which in high concentrations can cause heart palpitations,tremors,seizures,dehydration,and death.
  • Gum,baked goods,and candy Many sweetened treats contain xylitol,which can cause liver failure.
  • Milk Adult animals don’t have the lactase to digest milk,and feeding it to them can cause diarrhea.

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