Personality = Money

Two other components that impact your future wages.

Ethicism- Businessmen who openly embrace ethics make 3.4 percent less than their immoral peers,econometrics Andrew Hussey finds. They may be penalized for being less aggressive,but that lack of aggression is valued in women,who earn more their morals are intact.

Team Spirit- Getting involved early on in group activities is associated with a pay bump later in life. A study from the University of Arizona  found that studentswhom regularly playedsports,and joined clubs were at 24,more likely than less involved peers to be on a career path than just in a job.


3 thoughts on “Personality = Money

    • Dear Tapish: I am overwhelmed and humbled my your magnanimous gesture in nominating my innocuous site for the Lieber Blog award. Please forgive my ignorance but is there a certain protocol to follow when one has been nominated for a blogging award? I certainly would appreciate any help you could provide. Sincerely Nancy

      • The pleasure is mine :)
        Yeah just a few rules, which you’ll also find in the post.
        You need to write a post if you accept the award and
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        That’s it!

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