Want to protect Mother Earth?

Here are simple things you can do.

1. Put on a sweater. Remember, turning up the heat in wintertime,means your furnace is probably burning fossil fuels. A sweater or a nice warm robe will keep you even warmer and will help conserve resources and reduce climate change.

2. Put one foot in front of the other.One hundred years ago, 99.9% of people got by without cars. They took the train;they lived near their workplaces and they walked.

3. Go for seconds. Recycling doesn’t mean only separating your cans and bottles. It can mean using things a second or a third time.That nice padded envelope you got in the mail,instead of throwing it away,scratch out the address,tear off the stamps and use it again.

4. Watch your waste.Items you may be throwing away can contaminate the soil and water for thousands or millions of years.Your community probably has special disposal procedures for things like used oil and batteries.Ink cartridges can probably be recycled where you bought them.

5. Paper not plastic. Bring your bags with you.By taking reusable bags to the grocery store,you can cut down on the 350 bags,the average American uses each year and reduce needless deaths of marine life caused by plastic bags that end up in streams,rivers,and oceans.

6. BYOB. Last year Americans went through about 50 billion plastic water bottles.Fill up a reusable bottle at home and bring it with you.

7. Flip ’em off. In much of America we can’t even see the stars anymore,due in part to all the electric lights. Keep the light on in the room you’re in,but keep the rest of your house dark.

8. Get in  touch with your roots.Plant a tree! Good for the soil,birds,and reducing climate change.

9. Get off. Catalogs are great when they’re from companies you like to order from.But if you’re getting catalogs from companies you don’t buy from,call them and tell them to get you off their list.

Facts provided by World Wildlife Fund


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