Instantaneously Smarter!

Here are six ways for this to happen.
1. Take Tae Kwon Do, or Dance. Find an activity that raises your heart rate and requires a lot of coordination.
2. Download the Tedd App. The world’s greatest minds gather annually at TED (Technology ,Entertainment,Design) conferences to explore the cutting edge of issues like brain mapping and prenatal intelligence.
3. Build a Memory Palace. A trick for quick recall: Associate the thing you want to remember with a vivid image.

4. Write by Hand. Brain scans show that handwriting engages more sections of the brain than typing. Added bonus: It’s easier to remember something once you’ve written it down on paper.
5. Delay Gratification. Research has found that children who were able to resist a marshmallow placed in front of them turned out years later, to have higher SAT scores.
6. Write Reviews Online. Everyone is a critic on the Internet-and you should be too.Typing out your opinion will help you to better understand your own thinking.

Source-Reader’s Digest


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