Gas Saving Tips

> A warm engine is more effective,so string errands together by driving to the farthest destination first,which will get the block heated up,and then working your way home.
> On local roads,stay cool by opening the windows and enjoying the breeze,and turning off the air-conditioning.On highway speeds driving with the windows open creates drag thus lowering fuel efficiency.
> Empty your trunks of heavy objects you don’t need or use.Less weight,better mileage.
> At the pump,avoid gas rated E15: the E is for ethanol,which has about 30 percent less energy than gasoline and kills mpg.
> Avoid traffic jams if possible.
> Keep your tires inflated properly and check them for uneven wear.Wider performance tires increase road friction and decrease mileage per gallon.
> Get a tune-up.

> 39% of Americans are considering a hybrid or plug-in for their next car.

Source: Michael Frank/Popular Mechanics


3 thoughts on “Gas Saving Tips

      • I grew up in NYC so I never saw the need of having a car, to be honest I never got my DL. I’m currently living in Seville and I’m lucky enough to live and work in the center of city so I can walk. When I have to go somewhere else I usually bike or walk if it’s within 1 hour and the wether helps.

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