Attention Baby Boomers!

All U.S. baby boomers should get a one-time test for the hepatitis C virus,according to final recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. One in 30 baby boomers has been infected with hepatitis C and most don’t know it. Hepatitis C causes serious liver diseases,including liver cancer.
More than 15,000 Americans,most of them baby boomers,die each year from hepatitis C – related illness,such as cirrhosis,and liver cancer and the mortality rate has been increasing steadily for over a decade.

Source: CDC Press Release dated August 16,2012

Baby Boomers are the generation born from 1945-1965


5 thoughts on “Attention Baby Boomers!

    • Thank you so much! My site is rather plain and innocuous in comparison to yours and many others which are artistically written and composed with beauty. It is quite obvious I am not a writer and that’s okay with me.I am retired registered Ultrasonographer therefore I prefer to use my site for educational purposes which probably spells boredom for many. I will continue to strive for improvement as for reaching perfection it is an illusion. Warmest regards! Nancy

      • Nancy, you have a good blog. I am a retired psych nurse, counselor and selling specialist. I just started writing about 5 months ago. I paint. An old hippie who can’t stop working for meaning in my life and for others. Keep on writing. You are not boring! Blessings, Barbara

      • Dear Barbara thank you for the encouraging words and yes I will continue to write. I am a survivor of familial and spousal abuse and now am married to a loving,understanding,supportive,and cute man for 25 years. Our generation galvanized a nation against a senseless war, so long live the idealistic dreamer among us. You are remarkable and resilient woman. May God Bless you and the hippie within! LoL Nancy

      • May we all be given the strength and resilience to fight for women and children and peace. Small request. LOL

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