Possible Epidemic

The number of whooping cough cases are rising in the United States at a alarming rate this year. We may be headed for the worst epidemic of this highly contagious disease in more than 50 years possibly due to a weaker vaccine used now,because it causes fewer side effects. The CDC recommends that adults who have not been vaccinated and anyone 65 or older who has regular contact with an infant get the Tdap vaccine.

Source Prevention Magazine


2 thoughts on “Possible Epidemic

    • According to the WHO it is estimated 30-50 million cases of pertussis and about 300,00 deaths per year. Highest rates are among children primarily in developing countries. Vaccination is the key. The South African govt. is not very current with the number of cases within 2012.if you have not been vaccinated may I suggest discussing this with your doctor. Take Care! Sincerely Yours Nancy

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