Why to Bicycle?

> A four-mile round trip bicycle prevents the production of 15 pounds of air pollution.

> According to the US Department of Energy,more than 50 percent of the working population in the US lives within 5 miles of work.

> Although more than 60 percent of all trips are 5 miles or less,fewer than one percent are traveled by bike.

> If just one out of every 10 commuters who now drive to work switched to bicycling, the savings would amount to two billion gallons of gasoline per year and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 25.4 million tons.


3 thoughts on “Why to Bicycle?

    • You are so right ! Cycling is a great way to tone up those legs! Something you might find interesting with regards to cycling; a recent study found that leaning forward too much in the seat- a result of the handlebars being positioned too low or too far away puts excess pressure on genital tissue, risking nerve damage. Take Care ! Cordially Yours Nancy

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