10 PINs

We all have one (personal identification number) and here are ten that cellphone thieves love. In order of popularity, the most common PINs are: 1234,0000,2580,(a top-to-bottom key pad sequence,1111,5555,5683( which spells ” love”), 0852 ( a bottom-to-top keyboard sequence), 2222,1212, and 1998.

Don’t use your birthday as a PIN, a quick glance at your driver’s license let thieves access money at an ATM with about one in 15 stolen wallets, according to British researchers.

Four-digit PINs are standard, but no longer if you’re allowed. The more digits the harder to crack.

At the ATM, cover your hand when typing to shield your PIN from prying eyes or scammer- installed hidden cameras.

Source: AARP Bulletin


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