How Close?

My apologies for neglecting my duties to you my valued and much appreciated readers. My husband was ill and my attention was shifted to getting him well which I am very happy to say he is fully recovered.
Santa’s departure from the North Pole is 19 days/ 2 hours/ 40 minutes this according to NORAD. Just in case you have been naughty don’t despair you have time to be nice!
Happy Holidays everyone!



3 thoughts on “How Close?

  1. No need to apologize, I was coming to ask if your husband was doing better but you were faster than me, glad to know he’s back to normal.
    I’ve accepted that Santa won’t be coming to my place this year, I’ll miss the chocolate with mint, you know those typical Christmas candies, but luckily I have a Yankee Candle, Apple and Cinnamon, that’s enough for now.

    • Dear Leo: It saddens me to think that you believe Santa will not pay you a visit. Leo I believe you are a very self-effacing gentleman who is kind and generous and Santa will deliver! It would be my pleasure to send you some mints just let me know where to deliver.

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