Sneaky States

In the “Empire State” aka New York if the bagel is sliced or prepared in some way you’ll be taxed. If it’s not,you won’t be taxed. If you eat it in the store, it’s taxed no matter what.

A law in Kansas states that romantic rides are considered a form of air transportation and are tax free. However, if the balloon is tethered for riders to take in the scenery, the trip is considered a form of entertainment and is taxed.

Arkansas has a 6 percent tax on body piercings and tattoos.

Illinois legislature raised tax on candy from 1percent to 6.25 percent in September 2009. Not to worry you lovers of Twix,Butterfinger,and Kit Kat are exempt- they contain flour and are considered food,not candy.

All poker players take heed for each deck of playing cards purchased in Alabama you will be subject to a tax of 10 cents. The seller, though,pays $4 annually for licenses to sell the decks.

Source Reader’s Digest


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