” No man is an …

” No man is an island, entire of himself…any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind. John Donne ( 1572 – 1631)


6 thoughts on “” No man is an …

    • I would agree! Barbara, respectfully may I ask out of curiosity if your regard for every person who dies also for those who commitment violent crimes? I hope that I have not offended you with my question? Sincerely Nancy

      • not at all Nancy. I do not believe in capital punishment.Life in prison, life in a secluded cell, There is divine within everyone. Even if they have killed 20 little ones, there is still a flicker of The Beloved within. They must be stopped, treated if mentally ill, but never walk free again.I hope that answers your question. It is just my opinion.

      • I too share the same view point that Capital Punishment has shown not to be a deterent. My humble opinion is that we do not know what transpires between that inmate and God as they are dying and if the individual confesses his sin and acknowledges God as his Savior by the grace of God he or she shall be forgiven. Statistics have shown there is no closure for the family of a loved one who was the victim by the use of capital punishment. Funding for mental health must increase not more prisons! What is your opinion on the research being done that some individuals carry a gene which makes them pre-disposed to commit violence?

      • I agree with you. I haven’t read enough on the subject yet. I was a psych nurse and counselor in the day. I also helped to start and run a DV shelter in the seventies.I have seen a lot of violence and my mother abused me as a child. I won a cruise, so my sister and I are leaving for the Bahamas early Thursday. Can we continue this when I get back? I really would like to talk to you more. Hugs, Barbara, the rebel.

  1. Nancy, I agree with all you have written in your comment. I’m sure the research is true, some have pre disposition for violence. However, just because someone is pre-disposed to to have violent tendencies does not mean it ever needs to surface if they are brought up in a positive environment, community, or society. So, it is our job to advocate and believe we can all make a difference in those people’s lives if we have a strong “sense of community”. This is why it is so important our society (political system leading the way) must invest in health (physical and mental), education/vocation, and overall sense of well-being.

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