French fries and ice cream?

If your dream meal would be french fries and ice cream than you might be a survivor of multiple ear infections, which can damage the “taste nerves.” Instead of experiencing sensations like bitterness and fattiness in balance, you may perceive a more pronounced fatty sensation, making rich foods extra tempting.

Does dark chocolate remind you of coal?
You could have damage to your trigeminal nerve ” touch nerve” which often happens during mouth surgery. In cases like this, foods that are both fatty and bitter- like chocolate- can come across as simply very bitter.

Are you a saltaholic?
There’s a chance your mom experienced severe morning sickness while you were in utero. Because those babies were dehydrated in utero, they seem to enjoy salt more than other newborns- and the preference can stick with them for life.

Source Reader’s Digest


4 thoughts on “French fries and ice cream?

  1. Wow, never would have thought that. Luckily dark chocolate does not taste like coal to me, a bit bitter, but I kinda like it. I do think of ice cream and french fries as a dream meal, and I did have lots of ear infections as a kid, so that could very well be right!Great article.

    • Thank you and I”m going to do some more research on this finding and will let you know. I had frequent ear infections also but mine were a result of being born with a cleft palate but I do enjoy ice cream and french fries but not as a meal. I will have to try them together.

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