Best and worst foods

If you have a cold or the flu I hope you get to feeling better real soon however in the interim there are some foods to help relieve congestion and inflammation.

1. Chicken soup contains cysteine, a compound that helps thin mucus and relieve congestion and a serving may also reduce inflammation in the lungs.

2. Yogurt and other dairy products are rich in zinc, which supports the immune system.

3. Citrus & berries have Vitamin C which won’t prevent colds, but studies show that eating foods rich in it may get you back to normal more quickly.

4, Spices like garlic,turmeric, and hot peppers can break up nasal and sinus congestion.

5. Red meat & oysters choose these for protein.

One To Avoid That Harms

1. Alcohol dilates small vessels, which makes the sinuses feel stuffed up and reduces the body’s ability to fight infection.

Source Reader’s Digest



4 thoughts on “Best and worst foods

    • Alcohol also dehydrates a person which could when your sick can lead to an electrolyte imbalance which can be very serious. Your better woman if you can eat oysters! Oysters contain zinc which is an immunity booster.

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