Valentine’s Day on a budget!

Simple Valentine’s Day ideas that are guaranteed to mean more to your sweetie.

1.Replace your significant other’s phone background image with a cute picture of yourself.

2. Use a toothpick to write a special note on a banana peel. After a few hours, the bruised skin will reveal your hidden message.

3. Place candy hearts in a sugar bowl, a to-go coffee mug, or use your imagination.

4. Spell your feelings with Scrabble tiles.

5. Find those old mementos like movie tickets and vacation souvenirs, and leave them in the car’s cup holder.

6. Rub soap onto your fingertip and write on the bathroom mirror. Lightly trace over the letters with a tissue to ensure that they aren’t easily visible. When the bathroom steams up, your words will appear.

Source Reader’s Digest


4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day on a budget!

  1. We decided not to celebrate this nor anniversaries because we both keep forgetting, even birthdays, it’s sad but true. People ask “So what did you get? or Where did you go?”, to what we usually answer, why? What happened?

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