Brain Boosters

EAT: Less Fake Butter
Many butter substitutes and flavorings contain diacetyl-based chemicals, which may harm brain cells. Diacetyl promotes the protein clumps in the brain that mark Alzheimer’s disease, according to scientists at the University of Minnesota.

GARGLE: with Lemonade
A new study finds that sweet liquids boost resolve. The upside (for dieters )you don’t have to swallow them. A University of Georgia study has found that rinsing the mouth with sugar-sweetened lemonade helped students perform better on tests of willpower.

SLEEP: Seven Hours
Getting too much sleep may be just as toxic to health as sleeping too little. Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston examined more than 20 years of data from over 15,000 participants in the Nurse’s Health Study and found that regularly sleeping two hours more or less than seven hours a night was equivalent to two years of brain aging( as measured on standard memory tests).

Source Reader’s Digest


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