Long term effects of bullying

Durham, NC- Bullied children grow into adults who are at increased risk of developing anxiety disorders, depression and suicidal thoughts, according to a study led by researchers at Duke Medicine. The findings, based on 20 years of data from a large group of participants enrolled as adolescents, are the most definitive to date in establishing the long term psychological effects of bullying. The study belies a common perception that bullying, while hurtful, inflicts a fleeting injury that victims outgrow.

Of the original 1,420 children, more than 1,270 were followed up into adulthood. As adults, those who said they had been bullied, plus those who were both victims and aggressors, were at higher risk for psychiatric disorders compared with those with no history off being bullied. The young people who were only victims had higher levels of depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder and agoraphobia

Those were both bullies and victim had higher levels of all anxiety and depressive disorders, plus the highest levels of all anxiety and panic disorder. Bullies were also at increased risk for antisocial personality disorder.

Source Duke University Medical Center/NIMH

Press release dated 20-Feb-2013


11 thoughts on “Long term effects of bullying

  1. Such an important topic with important findings!! We all need to set examples for children, so they can feel comfortable telling bullies how wrong they are. Usually bullying doesn’t happen without an audience.

  2. Can’t say it surprises me, very very sad that this is still happening and has even found a new way such as cyber bullying! oh boys…. on a positive note loving the new layout!

  3. Bullying happens at all levels, and I agree with Heidi, bullying needs an audience, the bully loves the attention and the reinforcement he receives from those observing.
    Nice layout.

  4. Oh and Nancy, if you click on my flag counter, it will bring you to the site to create your own :) Tell me if you have any problems with it, but it should be pretty simple once your on the site :)

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