Chilly facts about Cheating!

* in a 2007 poll, 60.8% of college students admitted to cheating.

* The same poll revealed that 16.5% didn’t regret it.

* Only 20% of college students admitted to cheating in the 1940’s.

* Cheaters have higher GPAs.

* Cheating college students likely start in high school.

* The majority of students who cheat think it’s essential for success.

* 95% of cheaters don’t get caught.

* According to Cheating carries less and less social stigma.

* 55% of college presidents say plagiarism has increased.

* Most college presidents believe digital tools play a major role in plagiarism.

Source Psychology Today


5 thoughts on “Chilly facts about Cheating!

  1. Very sad when you think about the reasons behind these stats! Cheat to get ahead – socially acceptable!! What has society become??!!

    However, when we look at the examples provided on Wall Street, it’s no wonder our college students believe this is how they need to get ahead as well. This is a large scale example. There are many small scale examples that pack just as hard of a punch on societal influences.

    • Very interesting you should mention Wall Streest a book by a former trader writes about how trader companies tell traders they should quote the mission statement of the company to clients. The message to traders by these same companies is ” make the most money for the company using any means you can” young traders are taught you have a short time in this business so make the most money for yourself” leave your moral compass and ethics at the door.

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