Your name is ?

Recent studies shed light on why such memory blips happen and how to avoid them. To remember names and faces, consider these tactics.
1. Focus on the eyes, people’s eyes don’t really change as they age.

2. Add Meaning, invent strong even quirky connections between a person’s name and face.

3. Plan Ahead. People are better at learning names when they see the names written down in advance. While that’s no help for unexpected encounters, it can be a good tool for classes, interviews, and parties with a public invite list.

4. Practice At Home. Quizzing yourself on celebrity names is a low-risk way to enhance your face memory skills.

5. Relax. When you’re stressed, your body’s endocrine system unleashes cortisol, which can kill all sorts of memories especially the type of memory involved in recalling names.

Source; Psychology Today


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