Feeling misunderstood?

Researchers found that feeling misunderstood makes people less tolerant of physical pain. People who felt they were perceived accurately during a conversation with strangers were able to keep their hands in ice water longer than those who didn’t feel understood. Being with someone who really gets understands you can make feel ready to conquer the world.

Source Reader’s Digest


10 thoughts on “Feeling misunderstood?

  1. WOW that was interesting! Your always full of knowledge. I always feel misunderstood by most people, but luckily I have a good core of a couple I trust with my life. By the way, I know you have labs and I just did a post about their history if you wanted to check it out! :)

    • I had no idea about the history of my beloved labs it was fascinating! This was a very ingenious idea and you should take pride in yourself. I was born with a cleft palate subsequently have a speech impediment which leads to misunderstanding so I’m happy to read that you have supportive people in your life. Isolation is painful!

  2. It is a quite interesting sentiment and with all we are surrounded with we should be feeling to conquer the world with the love of those that make us feel appreciated!

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