Pricey credit cards!

Card Hub a financial website analyzed 1,000 credit cards in 2012 to uncover which ones have hefty costs for:
Big Purchases
Arvest Bank Classic provides the least advantageous terms of cards that offer a low introductory interest rate for purchases consumers can’t pay in full.The intro APR is 4.9 percent for just six months,compared with other cards that offer a zero percent APR for six months.
Rebuilding Bad Credit
First Premier Bank Gold with a $95 initial processing fee,a $75 annual fee the first year,a $45 annual fee in subsequent years, and a $6.25 monthly fee starting the second year. If you can’t pay their monthly bill in full you will be subject to a 36 percent APR,and if you request a higher credit limit the bank will charge a fee of 25 percent of the given increase.
Small Businesses
U.S. Bank FlexPerks Select Rewards Visa Business won’t help your business offering the lowest ongoing rewards-per-dollar ratio of all small business credit cards evaluated.
Balance Transfers
UBS Preferred Visa Signature has the highest introductory balance transfer APR at 9.99 percent for the shortest amount of time (six months), a 3 percent balance transfer fee, and a $495 annual fee.

Source Reader’s Digest


2 thoughts on “Pricey credit cards!

  1. So many fees, so much interest! And what do they give us for using our money? Nearly nothing!! Thanks for this post. It’s good to know who is “worst” compared to the other company!!

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