Calm Down

Researchers say being too connected to technology is disruptive to your focus and gets in the way of personal relationships.
Here are three ways to unplug which one you choose depends on how determined you are to find peace.

Designate a specific space in your home as a tech-free zone also put a basket at the door for cell phones.

The Digital Detox retreats in remote Northern California where participants leave all gadgets for long weekends of tech-free activities like cooking,and hiking. Interested visit the

Downgrade your smartphone for something simpler,like a flip phone or landline.

Source Sunset/ Reader’s Digest


5 thoughts on “Calm Down

  1. This is so true! Teens really think they need to reply to messages, calls, etc. and become very stressed when they can’t put their phones down. Going on a cruise is another way to be without technology, I hear.

  2. My smartphone suddenly packed up about a year ago. It was a bad design and I got a small phone while I decided what to replace it with. I’m still using the ‘disposable’ phone I got – it’s so small and light and easy to use because all it does is make calls. And it’s much easier and quicker to turn it to silent mode!

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