True or False?

1. Your nose, like Pinocchio’s grows when you lie.
Fact: False. But your nose’s temperature does rise when you lie,according to thermal-imaging studies conducted by the University of Granada in Spain.

2. Thinking like Woody Allen can save your life.
Fact: True. Self-described neurotics, who avoid risks,tend to have the lowest levels of a biomarker for chronic disease, a new study from the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York found.

3. Sleeping can make you less sensitive to pain.
Fact: True. Sleeping 10 hours a night increased the length of time that people could keep a finger on a heat source, the journal Sleep reported.

4. Milk drinkers are more likely to be geniuses.
Fact. False. The nations that consume the most milk, however, have the most Nobel Prize winners, according to information published in Practical Neurology.

5. Air pollution can make you cranky.
Fact: True. People who live in areas with lots of air pollution are not as happy as individuals who breathe fresher air, a study in the International Journal of Green Economics showed.

Source AARP The Magazine


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