” Apps” that don’t forget.

Remembering everything is difficult if not impossible however with some help from your smartphone and the following apps remembering just got easier.

DataVault securely stores and keeps track of all your passwords, making it easy to use a a separate code for each account and website login. Available for $9.99 on iPhone,iPad,and Android

Cleverbug will remind you when a contact’s birthday is approaching by sending an alert and a prompt to create a custom card using Facebook photos. The app than prints and mails the card in two to five business days. Free on iPhone, iPad.

Car Maintenance Reminder notifies you when your car is due for scheduled maintenance while also tracking fuel usage, efficiency, and cost. Available for $2.99 on iPhone,iPad,,Android

RX Pal delivers multiple reminders to take medications or vitamins-for individuals or for several family members. It also prompts you when a prescription is running low and links to your pharmacy for easier refills. Free on Android

Source: Readers’s Digest


4 thoughts on “” Apps” that don’t forget.

  1. I like the idea of the first app, and I’d love one that would remind you to get milk and eggs whenever you go to the supermarket to buy those things, then you end up with a cart full of other things and no eggs and milk.

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