Unusual jobs that Pay Big!

1. Pearl Divers rates reach $1200 per day.

2. White Hat Hackers help companies or governments find security holes in their computer systems. A certified ethical hacker can earn $125,000 a year, an applicant typically has a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology.

3. Oil Rig Dive Technicians lay pipes on the ocean floor and can make up to $1500 a week and up to $90,000 a year.

4. Airplane repossessors can earn commission equal to 6 to 10 percent of the resale price of the plane which means reclaiming and returning a plane that’s worth millions can bring you a paycheck for $900,000.

5. Submarine Cooks in Australia receive a base pay of at least $50,000 with an additional $140,000 in annual bonuses.

Source: Reader’s Digest


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