Happiness By The Numbers

* 62
Distance from home in miles, at which point people’s tweets begin declining in expressed happiness ( about the distance expected for a short commute to work).

* 40
The percentage of our capacity for happiness that is within our power to change, according to University of California Riverside researcher Sonja Lyubomirsky.

* 85
Number of residents out of every 100 who report feeling positive emotions in Paraguay and Panama the most positive countries on the planet.

* 20
The percentage of the U.S. population wealthy enough that their feelings of happiness are not affected by fluctuations in Americans’ income equality.

Source: The University of Vermont, The How of Happiness, Gallup,Psychological Science
Psychology Today


4 thoughts on “Happiness By The Numbers

  1. I’d like to be part of that 20%, I sorta feel part of it, not because I’m wealthy but because I’m not there so I worry less and I try not to get into politics and economy here. Happier man!

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