The Don’ts of Gratitude

1. Don’t Mistake Gratitude for an IOU. You shouldn’t feel obligated to repay a favor this sort of behavior could foster negative feelings between partners, and friends. 2. Don’t Overdose on Gratitude. Express thanks-but not to extremes. In a study of gratitude journaling, people who tracked their gratitude once per-week reported increased happiness; those who tracked their gratitude three times per week did not. 3. Don’t Sell Yourself Short. When you’ve reached the top, thank the people who helped get you there. Be sure to give yourself some credit by being too self-effacing you mistaking low self-esteem for gratitude.  4. Don’t Always  “Be Thankful” for What You Have. Concentrating on what you should be thankful for might mean your painting over imperfections. In one study of romantic couples, expressing anger about a serious problem was more beneficial and more likely to lead to resolution than just being positive. Source : Psychology Today


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