More than movies

Netflix has been offering all employees unlimited vacation time since 2004, and it’s no longer unique. 1 percent of companies offer unlimited paid time-off, 3 percent offer unlimited paid sick time, and 4 percent allow employees to work wherever and whenever they wish, as long as projects get done on time according to a survey by the Society for Human Resources Management.

Source : Psychology Today


3 thoughts on “More than movies

    • There is a Catch 22 in order to qualify for this perk you must have completed all your projects within a certain timeframe which can be daunting because you’re assigned many all due simultaneously.
      My husband informed me of that tidbit.

  1. Must not be in the US where you are lucky if you receive any time off ever. This includes vacation and sick leave. Of course it is part of the benefits package discussed on hiring, the problem? Ever taking it.

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