Choose carefully at Thanksgiving


Where and whom you sit next to at the table on Thanksgiving depends on table shape.

The safest table is the circular one, you can’t miss with this shape because odds are you will find yourself next to at least one interesting person, or someone will start a group conversation that you can participate in or nod while chewing your tender turkey. 

Beware the square table it’s all jocularity until somebody begins a diagonal conversation and you’re stuck talking to one neighbor all night. 

The rectangular table is a toss up between being rowdy or sublime, if it’s a rambunctious group you’re doomed to talk to the person on either side of you they will be the only ones who can you hear you.

The last is the “double-wide” table regardless of how you time your approach, you will choose too quickly and wind up at the kiddie table or with your less than desirable relatives. 

Source: Reader’s Digest


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